Kevin Baumgartner

Lehrgangsbeginn | 2019

Styles | Breaking 

In 2009 Kevin first got in touch with breaking since then his whole life was directed by hip-hop.

Everything started at Circle industry, which he heard about because the new neighbour was the organiser of the event. At the event he got so interested in breaking, that him and his friends started to copy the moves right at the venue under some tables.

A week later he started to visit a class where he had like 3-4 lessons after that everything he learned until this day is self taught.

Since Kevin started he was competing in battles all around Europe and Austria.

From 2010-2017 Kevin worked at Circle Industry where he was taking care of the invited artists and helping at the event so he got to know a lot of dancers and OG’s like Poe One.

In 2019 he got invited to put a team from dancers all over Austria together to go to the United Kingdom for a big exhibition battle at a music festival.

In 2018 he got introduced to the Urban Dance Styles program at Anton Bruckner University and started in 2019 because he wanted to learn about the hip hop culture and all 5 Urban Styles. At Skillset 2019 he discovered his love for theatre and is trying to improve to move on into this direction as a professional dancer.